About Us

A.C.E. Parts Co., Ltd. - keeping Thailand’s trains running since 2012

About A.C.E. Parts Co., Ltd.

A.C.E. Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 to deliver high-quality railway parts and maintenance services to our only customer, the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). Through our network of dedicated railway engineering support and manufacturers from Korea, the majority of our products have been reengineered, tested, and built there. As the years have passed, more products have been added into our supplies, which are reflected directly in our annual turnover.

We have grown solidly amidst a competitive environment and declining economy, and we will continue to do so to drive essential roles in the SRT’s fleet.

Our Vision

A.C.E. Parts is a new generation company. We are a relatively small company braving an era where the big no longer beats the small, but where the fast beats the slow. We think, manage, and execute our plans differently. We have continually raised the bar. It is within our best interests to provide clear directions under this umbrella and keep pushing our company outside the comfort zone by continuing to improve internal and external communications.

- Mr. Toranit Sripal, Co-Founder & CEO A.C.E. Parts Co., Ltd.


Our Mission

Our mission is to optimize the SRT’s performance through our premium-grade products and high-quality services.