Our Products

Bogie frames with bolster and piping for locomotives and multiple unit trains

Wheelset for locomotives, passenger coach, and multiple-unit trains

Part of locomotive wheelset to be installed with traction motor

Driving gear for DMU

Automatic tight lock couplers for railway

1. Power Diode

Rectifiers for main alternator excitation of locomotive

2.Excitation Panel (EXP)

Excitation control panel for locomotive

3.Motor Speed Panel (MSP)

Motor speed panel for locomotive

4.Auxiliary Inverter Control (AAE)

Inverter control for auxiliary power in locomotive

5.Door Control System

Plug and partition door control system for multiple-unit trains

6.Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Circulates air ventilation, heating and air conditioning in each car for multiple-unit trains

Wheel Machining and Monitoring